Tuesday, December 08, 2009

On the Eleventh Day . . .

of Christmas, QKD gave to me a Frozen Dragon with some glitter!

I painted my tag with some blue acrylic paint, let it dry, added another coat and then some chunky glitter. I then used my heat gun to quick dry the project, but in the process my glitter melted! oops! But, I loved the way it turned out. It took on an icy appearance on the card, some of even turned a little black but it just added an extra dimension to the project. I then turned to my Frozen Dragon and added some glitter to him, just where it would normally fall if you were standing outside in the snow. A quick hit with the heat gun to melt it down like the glitter on the tag and he was complete. I added him to the card with a silver bow, and the tag was finished.

Wow, just one more day of my 12 days, and it might be one of my favorites! See you tomorrow.

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lotsa scrap said...

love that blue!



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