Monday, August 25, 2008

ASF DT Dare 8/24-8/30

Another week, another dare. This one is from Amy!

Statistics- a collection of quantitative data.

This challenge is all about numbers! Think for a minute of all the numbers we keep track of: our kid’s height/weight, our own weight (HA!), gas prices, grocery prices, car mileage, kid’s clothing/shoe sizes, etc.

You might find this a good time to compare something. Then/Now, Before/After….how much a baby weighed when born & how much he weighs now. Or if you’re like me…with a BUNCH of kiddos…do a LO about how much each child weighed at birth (cool to see the similarities/differences). If you’re doing Weight Watcher’s(or any kind of diet)….do a before/after LO. How old were you parents when they first had kids/how old were YOU when your first child was born. Compare prices of everyday items (gas, milk, a home) now & the year you were born.

Maybe you just want to document the ’stuff’ in your life. How about the cost of school supplies this fall- with an itemized list. Maybe your grocery bill for the week. How many song files in your digital library. How many photos do you take each month. How many minutes do you use on your cell phone in a month. How many miles you drive each day. How many DVDs in your collection. (Jo ;) )

You get the idea. Think of the numbers in your life & let your creativity flow………………Have fun! :cool:

Make sure you upload to the ASF gallery and then link back to the forum.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

QKD Week Birthday Bash!!!

Time to celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music!!

Okay, I know that you are glad you don't have to listen to me sing, but I did want to make sure that you party along with us!!! Party time!

Okay, QKD is finishing up the month of fun, and the party stops here. It also stops at Tanis' and SJ's blogs as well, so make sure you go by and check out their challenges.

Okay, I have two separate challenges and a different prize for each one. One person will win a Birthday Stamp set, and the other person will win a Circle journaling block.

Challenge #1 - Create a birthday card (yeah, I know not very original), but not just any birthday card. Create a birthday card which has an embellished stamp on it.

Challenge #2 - Create a card which uses circles. The card also has to use stamping.

Cards need to be posted/linked back to my blog by midnight CST on August 31, 2008. Sure hope you play along and celebrate with us!

Monday, August 11, 2008

QKD Birthday Bash - Week #2

I hope everyone had time to complete the challenges at Vicki's and Jules' blogs. The challenge this week is at SG's blog -- or should I say challenges??!!! Go check it out!


Friday, August 08, 2008

Finally Friday!

Well, it is Friday. I have spent 2 1/2 days at school with meetings and getting ready for Monday. Am I ready? NO!!!! But, everything will be okay anyway.

I always get so apprehensive before the first day of school; you would think after so many years that it wouldn't phase me, but I always can't sleep the night before and I feel sick to my stomach the whole first day.

Monday, August 04, 2008

ASF DT Dare 8/3 - 8/9

Well, I couldn't log in to blogger last week very well, so I missed posting the challenge last week, but the challenge/dare this week comes from LauraJean, our guest DT member for the next few months!

With School right around the corner and so many kids and teachers going back to school…..I thought it was only fitting to do an “End Of Summer” Dare….so I want you to LIST 5 things you enjoyed over the summer…could be your 5 favorite memories, 5 songs that remind you of summer or even your LEAST favorite things about your summer!!!!! BUT, of course there is more…you must use the Following
**5 Pattern Papers
**5 Stamps
**5 Ribbons
**5 embellishments
**5 fasteners(brads, eyelets, staples, etc.)

This is my FIRST Challenge here and I can’t wait to see what you ladies create….HAVE FUN!!!!

Don't forget to upload to the ASF gallery and then post back to the challenge thread.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Happy Birthday QKD!!!

It is birthday time at Queen Kat Designs and that means fun and prizes! Lots of blog hopping to do and challenges to do as well. This week the challenges are up at Vicki (the Queen herself) and Jules' blog.



Check them out and play along. I will let you know where the next challenges will be, so stay tuned.