Friday, August 31, 2007

Where to Start?

Right now, I don't know where to start thinking about the last couple of days/weeks. School has been busy, hectic at times, but it is actually starting to settle down some.

Yesterday, I thought I was actually going to break down and cry at school. Of course, I seem to be crying a lot lately. One of my colleagues told me that someone else had stopped here and said "I know that Penny annoys you a lot, but . . ." Well, it really hurt my feelings. She told me that she told the other person that I didn't annoy here, but now it has me "thinking" as my dh would say. Yes, I am sure that I do annoy some people, no big deal, there are some people who annoy me. My thoughts are that I would like to know who I am annoying so much. Or is it me or is it someone else. I just need to get it out of my mind!

The twins finished up the first week of tests for first grade. Not exactly sure how they did on all of them; we will have to wait until signed papers get sent home next week. We also already have the test schedule for next week and we can go ahead and start working on it a little early if we need to. Next week will be their first spelling test.

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