Monday, August 06, 2007

In One Short Minute

In one short minute lives can be changed; a new baby can be born; a child can be lost. Anything can happen in one short minute.

Sunday morning that one short minute happened and had such an impact on my life; two young men were killed in an automobile accident and one other is in serious condition.

Wow, so much to say and think, both of these were incredible kids. They had their whole lives in front of them and now. Preston would have been a senior in high school this year; we had already sat down and started planning his school year. We had talked about what he was going to do when he graduated. He was looking forward to a future, that now is gone. Charlie was in college now, but I still remember him sitting in class, cracking a joke as he always was. And then there is Hunter, quiet Hunter, who was such a hard worker, pray for him as he goes through this time, as his body heals and then later on when he realizes what has happened. Pray for his family and the families of Preston and Charlie. Pray for our school as we try to begin the school year, knowing that we have lost two members of our family.


ebb said...

Penny, I am so sorry for your loss. Hugs and prayers to you and your school as you begin a new year.

MsGrace said...

Penny how awful. I will add to my prayer list.


Warehouse Worker said...

Penny...know that I'm praying! For ALL involved!