Saturday, August 04, 2007


Just a few more days until teachers' meetings at school start; of course, Alexis has cheer camp this week as well, so I will be there all week.

Picked up some picts that I had developed this week; I know film. I haven't used film in two years! Of course, these rolls were that old, so I was kind of worried that they might not be the best. But, I was happily surprised. All three rolls turned out great, and there was a pict on there from my birthday two years ago! It was so sweet, DH and the kids had baked me a cake. It was the worst cake that I have ever eaten, I mean it was horrible! It looks better than it tastes and it still looks pretty bad! LOL! I am going to have to do a layout about it; once I finish the layout, I will share it with everyone!

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