Saturday, December 29, 2007

Inchies and Plus-Size Inchies

Today I want to scrap -- in fact -- I want to scrap/play with something new. I need to work on my Deck of Me (yeah, I should be finished with it this week, but I think I only have about 10 cards done! LOL!), but I want to try inchies and/or plus-sized inchies (PSI).

Okay, for those of you who think I have lost my mind and you are thinking -- what are inchies and PSI -- they are little bitty works of art. Inches are 1 inch square and PSI are 1 1/2 inch squares.

I have seen these done several ways, one is to do a larger square say 3 x 3 and then cut it into the smaller squares and another way is to just start with the smaller sizes and go from there.

So, I am off to create! I'll be back later on today to post what I came up with!

1 comment:

Wanda said...

Cool, Penny! I did a few inchies one time....but dang they are tiny! I finally threw them away not very long ago.

Hope you have gotten to create some today. I am gonna go heat up my coffee and get after it. I am ALONE and lovin' it.