Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Crafts with the Kids

Okay, I am so much one of those people who doesn't want my kids being crafty because I hate the clean up that comes with it, but both of my kids love to create things. Give Alexis some paper and glue or paint or whatever else is available and she is so happy. Bryce prefers the "destruction" paper and scissors! LOL! Quite fun for them!

But, every year at Christmas, we always make a gingerbread house. I have a friend that makes them from scratch (would love to do that, but I am usually so short of time that I don't). But every year, we do get a gingerbread house kit; some years, we actually build the house with the gingerbread and I pray that it stays up long enough to get a couple of picts. But, some years, I buy the premade house where all you have to do is decorate. This year, I went with the premade house and it was still a blast watching them decorate and they had a great time as well.

If we have time this weekend, the kids and I are making some ornaments! More fun! Will have to post the pictures of that!


the dreamer said...

Hi, Penny! How cute are your kids! Look at those looks of concentration. =)

My son is only 3 years old and he's pretty much the same. Once he sees me start to bring out my scrapbooking things, he insists he has his own scraps of paper, paste and whatever.

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog.

Hey, I saw the DT call for ASF. Good luck with that too. =)


Wanda said...

Hi ! Guess what? I started my blog today. Ha Ha Ha....I have soooo many questions. Yep, and I know who your friend is who makes gingerbread houses from scratch! Dana is like, superwoman. Ah, well. HUGS