Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Designer Apprentice Competition

I have never been one to do anything "half-way." So, while I have been tossing the idea of going into digital design for a while now, I never committed to it. But, that has definitely changed!

I decided to enter the Designer Apprentice challenge at DSA; yes, I know that I am not a designer, I am a wanna-be. I joined in with the new group (designing less than a year) and have already completed two challenges.

The first challenge was to create a mini kit that contained at least two extracted elements: this is what I came up with.

Not too bad for my first kit ever!! You can snag this for free (doesn't that sound nice) at DSA. Just click here.

And then for the second challenge, we had to create our own "textures" and create a paper pack using at least two of those textures. I had so much fun with this challenge. Here's what I came up with.

And you can also download these: click here.

The new challenge will be up on Sunday; I can't wait to see what it is!!!

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