Friday, June 05, 2009

Today is . . .

Today is definitely just a day of random thoughts; when I started my blog that was why I started it, to be able to put my thoughts here. It has transformed from just my thoughts to highlighting the people that I do work for, that is okay, but every once in a while, I still need that place just to post for me and today is that day.

Last night, DH brought home the newspaper because there was the write up and the pictures of the six people who were arrested for house burglary in our community (actually three counties). As I looked at the pictures, I wondered which ones were the ones who were physically inside of my house; which ones were the ones who took my things; and WHY did they do it.

We have repaired the damage to the house - the window is fixed, the door is fixed -- and we have finally replaced what was stolen, but those are the things that don't matter. I still am so cautious about coming home and wondering what I will find. We even installed an alarm system so my kids could go to sleep at night and not be scared that someone would break in while they were sleeping. Those are the damages that cannot be easily fixed, damages that will last for a while.

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Wanda said...

When someone steals your stuff, they steal more than that, don't they?
Sorry you've lost your peace of mind. The alarm system will help!