Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My New Toaster!

This has been one of those years at school -- I have had a parent tell me that all the teachers hate me, another parent berate me for a mistake, teachers angry at me for doing things that I was asked to do by administration, and the list goes on. There have been days when I have been in tears before school even started.

Well, Tuesday I was in tears again, but this time over my seniors. During a conversation during class about advertising and how they try to convince you that you need something, my students asked me what was something that I thought I needed (after I had asked them) and I told them that I wanted a four-slice toaster and a griddle.

Well, about a month has passed since that conversation, and yesterday, my senior class brought me a gift -- yeap, they had bought me a toaster. Here it is:

I love my toaster, and I love my students. Really was something I needed after the year I have had so far, makes it all worth while.


Tanis said...

I can't imagine teaching high school!! (kindergarten was my last job...).
I can't believe that parents give teachers such a hard time about stuff. I am so thankful for my kids teachers, and no, they are not perfect, but i appreciate everything they do for my kids. If you really want everything done your own way, homeschool.
Enough ranting...what a great bunch of kids :) That's some classy toaster!!

Heidi said...

That really rocks Penny! It's nice to know that in the end you are making the kids happy no matter what the parents and other teachers say!

Amy said...

That is so awesome, Penny!! And I have that exact same toaster.....that's what Clay picked out for our anniversary gift this year. We have NEEDED a four lice toaster for so long & we LOVE it! Enjoy!! ;-)

Lindsay Spencer said...

AAWWW! I love it when teenagers remind us that they really do have a heart.

Kaye said...

What a wonderful gift!!!!