Saturday, April 04, 2009


God is good! Life has been a little crazy around here, but everything that happens keeps me thinking how blessed I am and how great God is!

I went to the Children's Book Festival the last few days and had such a revival of spirit toward teaching and my writing. It is amazing how a rejuvenation of spirit can come from listening to others.

The highlight of my few days was listening to and meeting Judy Blume. Yes, the Judy Blume! She was so down to earth and was such a wonderful speaker. Then she had a book signing and I got some books signed by her, one for me, one for Alexis, and one for Alexis' best friend for her birthday.

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Babydoll said...

I'm glad the Festival was uplifting. I still can't believe that you meet Judy Blume!! How cool is that. :)