Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Women to Women

Women to Women Sharing Jesus Blog - I found this blog, following one link to another blog to another, just a basic day of blog hopping, but it was a path, that I was meant to follow. A path that I hope will help some of the healing that I need to finish, that I thought I had completed but I haven't gotten through yet.


Diane said...

Penny, what precious thoughts! Thank you sweet sister, for inviting others to join us at Women to Women. I'm so glad you found your way there and into the hearts of all of us who were waiting! May God splash blessing all over your soul today!

Kristine B. said...

Hi Penny! Thank you for posting this. I'm sorry you have some unfinished "stuff" to work through, but on the other hand, if it draws you closer to Jesus, then I'm not sorry and it'll be a very worthwhile journey to draw you closer to Jesus. I pray that having other Christian women of faith there to encourage, and provide their experiences, and share inspirational verses that you need to hear will bless you more than you can imagine right now.