Friday, June 27, 2008


Every week a different DT member comes up with a challenge for everyone to do; I had so much fun with the challenge this week. It was by Amy. Check out the thread here and join in on the fun. Here it is.

Dump out your purse & explain it's contents...but don't simply 'make a list' because we've done lists before. This time make a list with descriptions......why it's there, what it's used for, etc. Take pictures of your pile of STUFF after you've dumped it out & even take a picture of your purse. Maybe tell us where your purse came from & why you love it.....or what you DON'T like about it & why you NEED a new one. Be creative & have fun!!

And here's the layout that I did for the challenge. LOL! No, I didn't have to clean out my purse for this; I use a small purse and don't keep much in it at all.

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