Sunday, January 20, 2008

What a Weekend!

Well, yesterday, it snowed in Mississippi! Yes, I know it never snows in Mississippi. I think we decided that it had been about seven years since we had any snow, but yesterday took care of that. The kids had so much fun playing and so did I until the power went out. No power for ten hours! So, that was not fun.

Another fun thing that happened this weekend is that Queen Kat Designs introduced a new stamp designer -- Tanis Geisbrecht from Canada --- and some new stamp designs for CHA.

Make sure you check out the store, so you can see all the fun things!!!


Tanis said...

Thanks Penny :)
Wow, I can't imagine life without snow in the winter!! That must have been so exciting for you (except for the power outage!!) - especially the kids!!
Will it last long?

Me said...

Penny...hate that your power went out...the joys of winter in the south when it totally not prepared for it here...can you imagine if we ever got any kind of accumulation like they do up north!

Nicole said...

Penny sorry your power went out... part of me would love a little snow here in Texas. I received my QK stamp set and THANKS - I love them. I can't wait to create something.