Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm Back!!

Okay, well, maybe no one missed me, but I missed my blog! For some odd reason, I have not been able to access blogger from home in weeks (or it felt like weeks, will have to check the last post!)

So, now I am back! What has happened? A lot and not too much at the same time. The main things going on are school, homework for the kids, housework (not really, you can look at my house and tell that!), and then back on the same track all over again.

Still waiting on them to set up a date for Alexis' testing, have called every week to see about that. Still waiting on getting all the IRS mess straightened out. Still waiting to see if we are going to be able to go on vacation. Still waiting to see if we can get the insurance all worked out. MMM, see a pattern here!

Well, think I will go for now. Of course, I should have more to post since it has been a while, but it is amazing how small things become after you wait and think about them.

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