Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wanted: A Moment of Silence

Isn't it just amazing how when you think things are going to work out wonderful and the day is going to be great, you just happen to say one thing that sets off the stream of questions.

Why won't I ever learn that B can never accept things at face value; he always has to ask questions. And not just one question, but a series of questions. Why? Why not? Well, where? Why are they doing this? Why? Why? Why?

urgh!!! At times I just want to lose it, but I know that I need to maintain my sanity and realize that this is how he is learning, but how am I supposed to know the reason behind what everyone else does. Why does A do something? I don't know; she is sitting right there ask her! Of course, once he is older, I will miss his questioning. And I will want to know what he is thinking, but for now, a moment of silence would be nice.

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